Members admitted to brotherhood

Bishop Andrew Asbil grasping the hand of one man in a row of several men.
Bishop Andrew Asbil installs new members of the Toronto chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.
 on November 1, 2019

Sept. 15 was a day of celebration for San Lorenzo Ruiz Anglican Church in Toronto. In addition to celebrating the church’s 28th anniversary, a chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew (BSA) was formally installed and members were admitted to this international fellowship.

The installation of the chapter and the admission of new members took place during the celebration of the Eucharist, where Bishop Andrew Asbil served as the inductor and Timmy Pascual, a BSA member from the Philippines, was the presenter.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is a fellowship of men and boys that are brought together to testify to the lordship of Jesus. It started in an Anglican parish in Chicago as a prayer and Bible study group for laymen in 1883. The brotherhood became the oldest missionary arm of the Episcopal Church, spreading throughout the other provinces of the Anglican Communion. The chapter at San Lorenzo Ruiz is the first in Toronto and the second in Canada. All of the members who were admitted on Sept. 15 were immigrants from the Philippines.

At San Lorenzo Ruiz, BSA members serve in many capacities, some as leaders in ministries, some as altar servers, some in the church’s music ministry, and others who just lend a helping hand. The brotherhood also helps parishioners when they move from one place of residence to another; they are in charge of moving the person’s belongings.

Members of the brotherhood at San Lorenzo Ruiz gather once a month. Not only do they discuss ways they can respond to their baptismal covenant, but they share their stories about life here in Canada. The brotherhood also serves as a support system for new immigrants to Toronto who are looking for a place where they can belong.


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