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A photo of someone using a laptop on a couch with the words "Tending the Soul: Hopeful conversations about ministry in pandemic"
 on April 1, 2022

Anglicans explore where God is leading them

Bishop Andrew Asbil is inviting the people of the diocese to dream together about where God is leading them through the current pandemic and beyond. “Tending the Soul” is a series of honest and hopeful conversations for the Church and its leaders about ministry in this time. Questions include, what’s changed and what are we learning? Where are we finding abundance in the face of disruption? What do we imagine for the future?

Each hour-long session includes a conversation between church leaders, both lay and ordained, on a particular topic, with time for questions and discussion. Participants share what’s tough in ministry these days, what they’ve discovered about best practices, and how they see the future unfolding.

The conversations are being held on Thursdays at noon, with a break around Easter. Three conversations have already taken place, with the following still to come:

  • March 31: Reconnecting with our congregations: the art of pastoral visiting and dealing with pandemic grief.
  • April 28: Speaking to the spirit: the Church as a safe place for questions about meaning and purpose.
  • May 5: Ministry with children, youth and families.
  • May 12: Digital communications, websites and social media.
  • May 19: Stories of generosity: the transformative impact of giving.
  • May 26: Adult education in an age of Zoom burnout.

Participants can choose to attend any or all of the sessions. They are being livestreamed to the diocese’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. All are invited to attend.


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