Diocese appoints new manager of annual giving

 on November 1, 2016

Paige Souter is the new manager of annual giving for the Diocese of Toronto and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation.

“This new position expands the original FaithWorks campaign manager portfolio to include the annual giving responsibilities of the Bishop’s Company and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation,” says Peter Misiaszek, director of Stewardship Development. “Streamlining the annual giving function will assist in future branding and ensure a better coordination of fundraising activities.”

Ms. Souter has more than 20 years of experience in the non-profit, for-profit and public sectors, spanning community development, education and information technology. Her career has focused on program management, communications, promotions, marketing, fundraising, strategic planning and community-building.

At the heart of Ms. Souter’s work is her commitment to live out Matthew 25:40 and serve the “least of these.” She is committed to building communities that are “compassionate, vibrant, and inclusive.” She has studied theology at both Wycliffe College and St. Michael’s College and is an active teacher of the faith. Her workshops, lectures, and classes focus on scripture, social justice, and care for creation. Most recently, she was the education program coordinator of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation program at Scarboro Foreign Missions, where she developed a new parish-based program inviting participants to care for creation and for vulnerable people.

“I think of myself as a bridge builder – building bridges that enable the development of communities that live out Jesus’ commandment to love one another,” says Ms. Souter. “I look forward to working with everyone to make God’s kingdom a reality.”


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