April 2020 Issue

Women in colourful dress dance.

Jubilee service celebrates Black heritage of Church

A map pointer with the image of a church

Bishop chosen for global gathering

Bishop Riscylla Shaw, the area bishop of Trent-Durham, is one of two people chosen to represent the Anglican Church of Canada at the World Council ...
Bishop's youht Ministry Committee display table.

Youth, leaders seek support for CLAY trip

About 25 youth and youth leaders in the diocese plan to travel to Calgary this summer to take part in one of the biggest Christian ...
A large group of people all facing an altar in the centre of a church.

Indigenous ministry welcomed to new home

On the feast of the Transfiguration, Feb. 23, more than 115 people gathered at Holy Trinity, Trinity Square to formally welcome Toronto Urban Native Ministry ...
A notepad its on a desk near a pen, laptop and phone

With the risen Christ, we have a second chance

The Easter message is about new life and hope for new beginnings. The season of spring brings a welcome change from the cold to warmer ...

Some things to think about before you go on a pilgrimage

It haunts me still. When I finished walking the 800 km Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in early June 2017, I was convinced I would never ...

Think twice about passing a deficit budget

I want to share some personal thoughts with parish leaders about the idea of presenting a deficit budget at vestry time. I can appreciate that ...

I truly feel I am like clay in God’s hands

Carlynn Reed is a dancer and teacher. Twenty-five years ago, I was teaching academic subjects and drama at a private high school in Toronto. Then ...
Parish News

‘Nones’ explore spirituality in pilot project

In the summer of 2019, the Rev. Dr. Jason McKinney and a local community partner piloted a project that sought to bring people together to ...

Parishes asked to alter practices due to virus

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Bishop Andrew Asbil wrote a pastoral letter to parishes in the diocese in early March, asking them to ...
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