War of 1812 soldiers honoured

A number of people reveal a historical plaque
From left, Hazel McCallion, Greg Carraro, George Carlson and the Rev. Rob Hurkmans unveil the plaque in Trinity, Streetsville’s cemetery. Photo courtesy of Trinity, Streetsville
 on November 1, 2021

Cemeteries are generally quiet places, but not during musket fire.

Yet, what more fitting way to honour the memory of three militia men who served in the War of 1812 and rest in Trinity, Streetsville’s cemetery?

John Barnhart (1790-1863) volunteered as a private with the Embodied Militia of the 1st Regiment of Lennox Militia, which transported supplies along the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Kingston. After the war, in 1821, he settled in Streetsville.

William Birdsall (1791-1877) served as a sergeant, stationed at York (Toronto). He was at the Battle of Queenston Heights.

James Davidson (1787-1864) was a private in the Embodied Militia of the 2nd Regiment of York Militia and was at St. David’s and the Battle of Lundy’s Lane in 1814. His rare gravestone depicts a soldier in uniform standing in front of a cannon.

The commemorative event was held on Sept. 26 in Trinity, Streetsville’s cemetery. Dressed in red officer’s garb, Greg Carraro, captain with the 2nd York Militia and vice-president of Heritage Mississauga, introduced the event, accompanied by the 2nd York 1812 re-enactment company, who marched in the cemetery and performed the above mentioned musket salute.

Trinity parishioner and former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion and city councillor George Carlson proclaimed the importance of honouring history. They unveiled a plaque alongside Trinity’s incumbent, the Rev. Rob Hurkmans, who donned historic clerical garb to read from the Book of Common Prayer, reminding us that the spirits of them that depart hence in the Lord live with Almighty God. 

Submitted by Trinity, Streetsville.


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