First arrivals

Three Hispanic men look through clothing and smile for the camera.
 on April 28, 2023

Some of the first migrant workers arriving in Durham Region in March shop for warm clothing, food and hygiene products at the Hub at St. Saviour, Orono. The Hub is part of the diocese’s Migrant Worker Ministry, which serves the needs of thousands of men from Mexico and the Caribbean who work on farms in Durham Region every spring, summer and fall. The Hub, which is staffed volunteers, provides donated items to the men for free. Items include coats, sweaters, shoes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and non-perishable food such as sugar, instant coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Joining the first arrivals at the Hub are the Rev. Augusto Nunez, the incumbent of St. Saviour’s, with Dan and Audrey Margeran and their son from St. Jude, Wexford in Toronto, who were donating some items. To donate items to the Hub, contact Mr. Nunez at 416-886-4482 or email [email protected].


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