Church displays banners in wake of attacks

Banners are draped across pews.
Banners are draped across pews at St. Barnabas, Chester.
 on January 1, 2019
Helen Taylor

St. Barnabas, Chester hosted the Toronto Love Quilt Project on Nov. 11. The project is an art Installation of colourful banners measuring 24 feet x 6 inches. The banners were designed to support the many people who suffered shock, heartache and grief after the van attack in North York in April and the mass shooting on Danforth Avenue in July. They were created to share messages of hope, peace and love.  Quilters around the world were invited to take part. This was the banners’ first showing in the Danforth area. They were draped over the pews, which made it very easy for visitors to view and enjoy.

Submitted by Helen Taylor of St. Barnabas, Chester


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