Tower of tins helps those in need

Tinned food next to a basket
The ‘Tower of Tins’ in St. Paul, Lindsay, ready to be given to those in need.
 on December 1, 2021
Courtesy of St. Paul, Lindsay

Throughout the Season of Creation, members of St. Paul, Lindsay focused on responding to the needs of those with whom they shared the planet. The Rev. Bonnie Skerritt, incumbent, found over the summer that the shelves of the Kawartha Lakes Food Source were depleted because of a sharp increase in need across the region due to the pandemic. In response to this situation, from Sept. 19 to Thanksgiving Sunday on Oct. 10, the church held a Thanksgiving Food Drive, collecting tins of high protein items, which was the greatest need in the community, according to Food Source community engagement coordinator Kate Dorotheou.

A goal was set to build a “Tower of Tins,” aiming for 300 tins. The church surpassed that goal, watching its tower grow week by week. The end result was over 450 tins of high protein items, as well as other tinned goods, breakfast foods and produce filling 12 banana boxes. The generosity of the parish was truly born out of a desire to answer Jesus’ call to feed the hungry and care for those in the community.

Submitted by St. Paul, Lindsay


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