Sunday School teacher celebrates 50 years

Bishop Patrick Yu and a group of children with Michelle Mercer.
Michelle Mercer is surrounded by Sunday School children during a presentation by Bishop Patrick Yu honouring her 50 years of service to St. John the Divine, Scarborough.
 on February 1, 2017

St. John the Divine, Scarborough held a surprise celebration in October for Michelle Mercer, who has been teaching at the church’s Sunday School for 50 years. Ms. Mercer started teaching when she was a teenager and has been the superintendent for several years. “Her positive attitude and creativity have made the church school fun for many children over the years,” says Jean Stoner, a parishioner.

Several former students returned for the celebration. More than 140 people attended the service that day and the luncheon that followed. Ms. Mercer was presented with roses, a memory book and charms for her bracelet.

Later in the month, Bishop Patrick Yu visited the church for the last time as area bishop and presented Ms. Mercer with a certificate in appreciation of her dedication and service to the church, signed by Archbishop Colin Johnson.


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