Diocese considers capital campaign

A map of Canada outlining the Anglican diocesan borders
 on September 29, 2023

HAMILTON – This fall will see the launch of a feasibility study in the Diocese of Niagara to determine the level of support for a parish-focused capital campaign.

“The whole campaign is designed to support local ministry. The health, well-being, confidence, and mission-driven life of our parishes and missions is the goal of all we do as a diocese,” said Bishop Susan Bell. “This campaign presents an important opportunity to resource our local mission action plans.”

In addition to raising money for parish ministry, the campaign would create a new leadership endowment to support curacies as well as the ministries of missioners and church planters. The campaign would also provide a one-time gift to the Anglican Church of Canada’s Healing Fund, or to support the emerging Indigenous Anglican Church in Canada. It would also provide major one-time gifts to support the ministries of St. Matthew’s House, Canterbury Hills endowment, and Christ’s Church Cathedral.

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