Diocesan Council starts new year

A large group of people
 on March 1, 2019
Michael Hudson

Diocesan Council members and Diocesan Centre staff have their picture taken at the first Diocesan Council meeting of the year, held Jan. 26 at St. John, York Mills. Diocesan Council meets on a regular basis to carry on the work of Synod between its sessions. Diocesan Council has a membership of about 40. It is responsible to Synod for the development and oversight of priorities to implement the diocese’s vision and mission, as well as the diocesan budget’s development, oversight and midterm adjustment if required. Once priorities have been approved by Synod, Diocesan Council acts at a strategic level to assign priorities to boards and committees. Diocesan Council has oversight of all boards and committees and monitors their work through a regular reporting framework.

Current Diocesan Council members will serve until the end of the next Regular Session of Synod, to be held on Nov. 8-9. Members include: Bishop Andrew Asbil (chair), Bishop Jenny Andison, Brian Armstrong, QC, ODT, Mario Bartolozzi, Canon Paul Baston, the Rev. David Bryant, Canon Clare Burns, the Rev. Gregory Carpenter, the Rev. Canon Joan Cavanaugh-Clark, Peter Davidson, ODT, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Drakeford, Bishop Peter Fenty, Dr. Anita Gittens, ODT, Leslie Hajdu, ODT, the Rev. Karen Hatch, the Rev. Keith Joyce, Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh, Darleen Knowlton, the Rev. Ian LaFleur, Suzanne Lawson, ODT, the Rev. Leonard Leader, the Rev. Erin Martin, Heather McGregor, ODT, the Rev. Douglas Michael, Peter Newell, the Rev. Lisa Newland, the Rev. Canon Dr. Barry Parker, the Rev. Jesse Parker, Richard Paul, the Rev. Jason Prisley, Ryan Ramsden, Sandy Richmond, ODT, Bishop Kevin Robertson, Mother Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas, SSJD, Bishop Riscylla Shaw, Beverley Sneyd, the Rev. Michael Stuchbery, David Toycen, ODT, and Marilyn Yeung, ODT.


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