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The Anglican
 on October 31, 2022

This fall marks another stage in the life of The Anglican, the diocese’s monthly newspaper. In October, the paper joined Anglican News Canada, a ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada. Anglican News Canada brings together the church’s national newspaper and a growing list of diocesan papers, which readers can explore with a single mouse-click or touch.

As a partner of Anglican News Canada, The Anglican has been given its own website,, where stories, photographs and commentary are presented in a bright, lively way. The website, which is attractive and easy to use, provides not only stories from the monthly paper but also the latest news from the diocese.

In addition to The Anglican, visitors to Anglican News Canada can read newspapers from across the country. There are currently 10 other diocesan papers to choose from, including papers from the dioceses of the Islands and Inlets, the Arctic, Kootenay, Rupert’s Land, Edmonton and Athabasca, Niagara, Ottawa, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. These papers, plus the national publication, provide a rich overview of the Church from sea to sea to sea.

Of course, The Anglican will continue to be available in print and on the diocese’s website in PDF format. The diocese’s latest news will continue to be posted on the diocese’s website as well.

Please visit The Anglican at when you have a minute, and thank you for your continued support of the paper’s important ministry.

Stuart Mann, Editor


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