Cathedral votes for $258k organ

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 on November 1, 2018

SAULT STE. MARIE – The vestry of the Diocese of Algoma’s St. Luke’s Cathedral, in Sault Ste. Marie, has endorsed a proposal to build the cathedral a new organ, at a cost of $258,000.

The winning proposal was made by Rudolf von Beckerath, an organ-making firm based in Hamburg, Germany. The Beckerath-built organ is expected to be useable for 100 years. The next-most-attractive bid to make the cathedral an organ with similar music-making capacity would have cost $100,000 more.

The new instrument will replace the cathedral’s current organ, which failed earlier this year after nearly 50 years of use, and was found to be beyond repair.

During the process of finding a replacement, cathedral leaders decided the new organ should be able to at least match the old one in tonal quality, range and ability to accompany worship. They also agreed it should be cost-effective over its projected life and not impose a financial burden on the church’s existing ministry, and that it would be paid for through fundraising and other freely-given gifts, rather than debt or the church’s general operating budget.

The vestry has approved a campaign to raise the necessary money. A number of fundraising activities have already started, and some generous donations have been made. It’s estimated that the organ will be installed six months from the signing of a contract.

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