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 on March 1, 2022

Spend a year living in God’s rhythm

Are you contemplating the next steps on your spiritual journey? Do you want to experience life in community, learn more about prayer, serve others and take monastic values out into the world? Or perhaps you want to learn how to live as a “monastic in the world” from the comfort of your own home. The Sisters of St. John the Divine are inviting applicants for its 11-month companions program, either in-person or online, as they follow Jesus on the road of prayer, community, learning and service. Learn more at

ACW annual general meeting  

The Diocesan of Toronto Anglican Church Women will be holding its annual general meeting by Zoom on Saturday, April 30 from 10 a.m. until noon. The theme of the meeting is “Renewed for Change.” The registration link will be available by April 1.  For further information phone and leave a message at 416-363-0018, or email [email protected]

Giving new life to “disposable clothing” 

You may well have a few items of “disposable clothing” in your closet: the free t-shirt handed out at a conference, the uniform for a job you no longer do, a hat that was part of a product promotion. Indeed, the very notion of “fast fashion” promotes the view that all clothing as disposable. Items like these frequently make their way to Holy Trinity, Trinity Square. 

Unity Kitchen runs out of Holy Trinity and provides a warm, safe space for unhoused people in the city to access fresh food, as well as items such as sleeping bags, tents and clothing. During Advent 2021, Unity Kitchen rebranded its donations of disposable clothing with the Unity logo and distributed them as gifts to its community members. Items that might otherwise have gone to landfill were given a second chance and community members received clothing that is dignified.

100 years Yonge

St. George on Yonge is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2022. The church is reaching out to connect with former parishioners and others who have been involved in the church over the years. There will be a special celebration service on Saturday, April 23, which is the patronal festival of St. George. Other events will also be occurring throughout the year, including concerts and guest preaching by former clergy. For more information contact [email protected] or visit 


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