A pair of hands hoving over the keyboard of a laptop

My Top 10 list when this is all over

For years I’ve had a fantasy that the world would shut down and I could just stay at home and read books. For weeks on

Progressively bigger stacks of coins grow plant shoots.

Has your regular giving become stuck?

I set out with a twenty-dollar bill in my pocket. Attending the Christmas Lessons and Carols service at a nearby parish on the last Sunday

The Anglican

What are we really communicating on social media?

“The medium is the message,” Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan famously said. By which he meant that any new medium (or “extension of ourselves,” as he

David Harrison sits on a grassy hill overlooking a road.

A holy moment on the way

It took 1,136,875 steps for me to walk the 800 kilometres of the Camino de Santiago through northern Spain last spring. And it meant climbing

A worship band on stage at C3 Church.

Finding out what all the buzz is about

I don’t often get butterflies in my stomach when I head out the door to church. But this time I did. I wasn’t going to

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