June 2021 Issue

Bishop Michael Bedford Jones smiles

‘A man of great joy, deep faith’

A line of folded paper houses

Meetings explore redevelopment of church lands

How can parishes in the Diocese of Toronto use their lands for creating affordable housing and building community? In 2019, Synod adopted a motion to ...
Three people stand with Canadian flags in the airport

‘You will stretch your mind more than you ever have’

They never stop – the wars, the droughts, the famines, the sectarian battles forcing millions of people to run for their lives. The U.S.-Mexico border ...
A notepad its on a desk near a pen, laptop and phone

Troublemakers and co-conspirators

When American congressman John Lewis died last summer, he was honoured by leaders across the political spectrum and around the world. In various tributes that ...
Progressively bigger stacks of coins grow plant shoots.

How much should I give?

Growing up, I was always impressed by the generosity of my father. In many ways, he had a rather unassuming upbringing. As the son of ...

Guide helps create outdoor worship space

The last year has been difficult at best, with the relentless need to manage the stresses imposed by the pandemic upon ourselves, our families, friends ...
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