Together again

Bishop Andrew Asbil hugs the Rev. Canon Samantha Caravan.
Bishop Andrew Asbil hugs the Rev. Canon Samantha Caravan, incumbent of All Saints, Peterborough, following the opening service of Synod.
 on January 2, 2024
Michael Hudson

It was well worth the wait.

After four long years, Synod convened in person again on Nov. 17-18 in Richmond Hill.

And what a time it was. To be together again to worship, eat, discuss, learn, watch, listen, sing, laugh, applaud, struggle and dream was, as Bishop Asbil said, a tonic for the soul.

Archdeacon John Anderson, Canon Laura Walton and Bishop Peter Fenty (right) exchange the Peace during the service.

“It is so, so, so good to finally be gathered together in one place,” he said in his Charge to Synod. “It is so good to be in a familiar space that we have not occupied since 2019. It is so good to hear the buzz and chatter of Anglicans gathering in the crush court and gathering around tables and meeting new friends and seeing old friends. It is wonderful to hear Anglicans singing again in harmony and in unison, and not in muffled, semi-muted tones online.

“It is wonderful to be able to gather. Chaplains from independent schools, from hospitals, lay readers, lay leaders, deacons, priests, leaders in parishes large and small, from the four corners of this diocese, from the Kawarthas to Mississauga, from Penetanguishene to Brighton. To be able to be in this space. We have longed to be in each other’s presence. And in the name of Jesus Christ, welcome.”

This issue of The Anglican is devoting many pages to celebrate this great gathering. Enjoy.

Stuart Mann, editor


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