Grafton church wraps up anniversary year

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 on November 1, 2019

St. George, Grafton ended its year-long 175th anniversary celebrations with a service attended by Bishop Riscylla Shaw, the area bishop of Trent-Durham. It has been an extraordinary year; the congregation has celebrated and achieved so much, from outreach projects to modernizing the church’s facilities.

Following the service, Bishop Shaw unveiled and blessed a mosaic that depicts the current church building, the earlier church that burnt down in 1908 and two local churches – long closed – that were once joint parishes with St. George’s.

Lunch was enjoyed in the recently renovated parish hall, followed presentations to the bishop, one of which was the presentation of the Anniversary Book. The stories in the book are about the congregation – parishioners who care for each other and the community at large. The book was written over six months at the beginning of 2019 and is available for all on the church’s renewed website,


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