Cricket festival in June

A cricket batter holds a bag while the ball approaches.
A batter readies for the ball at last year’s Anglican Church Cricket Festival.
 on March 1, 2020
Michael Hudson

The Anglican Church Cricket Festival Committee is pleased to report that planning for this year’s festival is well underway and the event is scheduled for June 27 at Creditview/Sandalwood Park in Brampton. Invitations to the Bishop’s Office and the Mayor’s Office have been sent and the committee looks forward to welcoming everyone.

The festival evolved from a friendly cricket encounter in 2016 between St. Thomas a Becket, Erin Mills South and St. Peter, Erindale. It is now one of the most fun and engaging community events on the diocesan calendar. Last year’s gathering, attended by Bishop Jenny Andison and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, saw nine Anglican churches fielding 10 teams. At the recent Bishop’s Levee at St. James Cathedral, Bishop Andison highlighted the importance of community engagement events such as this in letting our light shine and works glorify.

With more than half of the GTA’s population born outside of Canada, the importance of globally popular sports such as cricket has been recognized by policy makers in schools and municipalities. The annual cricket festival was built with the objective of providing opportunities for Anglicans from the GTA’s diverse communities to get to know each other as a church community and build relationships, enjoy food, fun and good Christian fellowship. There are opportunities for women, men, children from all ages, seasoned cricket players as well as absolute beginners as festival uses modified rules with the objective of giving all players a chance to bowl, bat and field.

The following churches took part in last year’s event: St. Thomas a Becket, Erin Mills South, St. Peter, Erindale, Trinity Church, Streetsville, Holy Family, Heart Lake in Brampton, St. Joseph of Nazareth, Bramalea, St. James the Apostle, Brampton, St. Jude, Brampton, Christ Church, Brampton and St Bede, Scarborough.

Ranil Mendis, ODT, is a member of the Anglican Church Cricket Festival Committee. If you are interested in playing as an individual or as a team, email him at [email protected].


  • Ranil Mendis, ODT

    Ranil Mendis, ODT is a member of the Anglican Church Cricket Festival’s organizing committee and a parishioner of St. Thomas a Becket, Erin Mills South.

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