Church hosts events on climate crisis

 on September 1, 2022

What if we dared to imagine that, individually and collectively, we could tackle the climate crisis? And what if we truly believed that our efforts would make a difference? Could we imagine our descendants being grateful that we took the climate science seriously; resolutely participated in activities to raise awareness among our fellow citizens; pressed our local, provincial and federal government representatives to make the difficult decisions to mitigate climate change impact; and sacrificed our individual and corporate way of life to ensure a future for their descendants?

Designed to inspire, challenge and fuel our imaginations is EarthSong, which will be held on Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. at Church of the Redeemer, Bloor St. This will be an in-person and live-streamed service of readings, music, prayer and an address by Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands on the territory of the WSÁNEC Nation and the current parliamentary leader of the Green Party of Canada. Ms. May, an Anglican, environmental activist, author and politician, will address the question, “What if the churches truly took the climate crisis seriously?”

As a follow-up to Ms. May’s address, Bishop Andrew Asbil will chair a panel discussion, also in-person and live-streamed, on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. The panel will respond to a more pointed question: What if the churches in the Diocese of Toronto took the climate crisis seriously?  Panelists will include the Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, the 26th Governor General of Canada and an active Anglican; Paige Souter, a member of the Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care; and the Rev. Alison Hari-Singh, adjunct lecturer in the faculty of divinity of Trinity College.

We heartily welcome Anglicans from across the diocese to participate in EarthSong as well as the panel discussion. A reception will follow each event to continue the conversation. To give us an indication of numbers, please register to attend, in person or on Zoom, at  

Church of the Redeemer is located at the corner of Bloor Street and Avenue Road in Toronto, across from the Royal Ontario Museum. Subway stations are nearby and parking is available on Cumberland Street or on Bedford Road in the Green Plot. 

Submitted by Church of the Redeemer, Bloor St.


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